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Arisaig Hotel

The Walnuts

Sunday 16th June at 9pm

Charity & Tunes!  What's not to love...

The Walnuts raise money for charities by playing concerts in people’s front rooms, back gardens, kitchens, village halls, churches, islands, boats, shop fronts, service stations, lighthouses and vineyards (anywhere really).

Davie McGirr: Davie is the founder of Seven Songs for Dementia and in 2015 started turning up with his guitar in kitchens, living rooms, pubs and gardens around the UK. He’d sing, pass around his collecting tin and then leave. When he teamed up with Matt and then the other Walnuts, things started to get musical.

Davie’s biggest talent is that he owns a guitar and is regarded by many as the best-looking Walnut.

Matt Allwright: Matt works on television as the presenter of Watchdog, One Show and Rogue Traders but he’s also a talented pedal steel guitar player. What you don’t know is that while he’s talking to you through the camera, he’s also got a song in his head. It could be Neil Young, it could be Portishead, it might be Tom Lehrer. He’s been playing and singing since the age of 13 and is confident that this has resulted in an 8% improvement. He looks forward to entertaining you.

Donald Stewart: Celtic fiddle legend, enigma, fugitive and shoe model… the most difficult Walnut to crack.

Fergus Muirhead: Fergus has been playing the pipes for fifty years or so, unbelievable as that seems. He’s played all over the world including a concert for the Pope in the Vatican and with the Chieftains at London Palladium. Playing with The Walnuts takes his music to a new level, mixing Americana songs with Celtic rhythm. Learning to play verses and choruses was a whole new experience for a man used to playing tunes in strict tempos and with regular parts. He’s loving it.

Fergus can regularly be heard not playing the pipes on a variety of BBC radio and TV shows pontificating about consumer rights and looking after your money, and he can be read in The Daily Record doing the same sort of thing.

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