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Arisaig Hotel

The Rhu Road Circular

The Rhu Road Circular (1 hour)

For those of you on the lookout for a gentle, level stroll in the Arisaig area, there’s no better option than the Rhu Road circular, which offers a gentle meander right on the doorstep with abundant wildlife watching opportunities and glorious views along the entire route.

We love this stanza from the poem 'The Road to Rhue', which perfectly captures the vibe on the Rhu Road circular:

A road that winds by the wandering shore,

At each cove a beauty new,

A mirrored deep and a rocky steep,

And the sunny bays where the waters creep,

By the road the runs to Rhue

(by an unnamed poet)

1) From the hotel, turn left until you reach the Land, Sea & Islands Centre.

2) Branch right and head down the Rhu road, crossing over the canal until you spot a gate and cattle-grid to your left.  Be sure to put dogs on leads as sheep, deer and cattle graze throughout the Estate.

3) With the canal to your left, follow the track as it passes Mains Farm before winding its way through the Glen until you find yourself at a cross road with a white cottage up ahead.

4) Turn right at the crossroad and head along the track until you pass over another cattle-grid before finally joining the Rhu road again.

5) Turn right and follow the Rhu Road all the way back to the village.


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